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    Mobile Ordering System by Blue Lime Inc.

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What we do

We help make your orders flow and your patrons happy.

You are a Café/Restaurant

Increase turnover rate by speeding up ordering time. Allow your guests to view your menu and place orders on their phone

You are a Hotel

Increase the number of room service orders by allowing the guests to browse the menu and place an order directly on their phone. Your guests want an extra blanket or a taxi to the airport? We've got it covered, too.

You are a patron

Tired of waving to get the waiter's attention? Can't seem to get the hold of the menu in your hotel room? Use QuickMenu!

Interesting Facts

Your business is likely to have the same problem. We can help with that.


Until an order is placed in a restaurant


Average time for getting the waiter's attention at rush hour


Revenue increment in hotels for 2007-2012


Revenue from room service for the same period

Service for Hotels

How does it work? Here's step by step

1. Check In

After checking in, the room number is detected and the room service menu is automatically loaded in the QuickMenu app. Guests can order until they check out

2. Guests Browse

Guests browse through your menu and assemble an order. Want to include not just the food menu, but also a special service menu like laundry request, or taxi to the airport? We've got it covered.

3. Guests Order

After they are done, they place a food order or ask for that special treatment you have in mind for them

4. You Deliver

The appropriate hotel staff gets instantly notified which room has placed an order or request.

  • Translate your menue into any language

    No additional costs, no printing cost, change the content anytime
  • Increase your visibility

    Your venue is displayed on the map, showing users that there is a cool bar nearby
  • Set up time-limited promotions and happy hours

    Get guests during the low hours
  • Show off your amenities

    Got live music? Pet friendly? Guests can see that directly on the map
  • Detailed reports

    For example, know the most commonly ordered dish for brunch or by 18-26 year olds

Service for Restaurants

How does it work? Here's step by step

1. Scan

Patrons scan the QR code on their table with QuickMenu app and menu of your venue shows up

2. Browse

Patrons browse through your menu on their phones and assemble an order

3. Order

After they are done, they place an order. At any point, they can use the app to call a waiter for assistance or even ask for a bill

4. Deliver

The waiter gets instantly notified which table has placed an order, or which table wants to pay.

  • Stunning mobile apps

    - Fully customizable design to match your branding -
  • Available for iOS and Android

    - Tap into the largest mobile market -

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Pick one of our packs or speak to our experts for a solution made just for you.

  • Bar/Restaurant

  • 50 monitored tables

  • Detailed Monthly Reports

  • 1 staff tablet

  • $249.99 Per Month
    $499 Setup Fees

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  • Hotel

  • 50 monitored rooms

  • Detailed Weekly Reports

  • 2 staff tablets

  • $499.99 Per Month
    $1499 Setup Fees

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  • Custom deal

  • Any number of monitored locations

  • Custom made reports

  • Choose the number of staff tablets

  • $29.99+ Per Month

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